6 - 27 November 2018

Big Buts Course The Wheelhouse

There are many intelligent questions that can stop us investigating the Christian faith further…isn’t the Bible just an outdated book, based on myth and legend? …doesn’t science and rationalism explain away belief in God? …isn’t religion just a cause of war and division?

Perhaps you have never had an opportunity to explore questions like these in a non-judgemental environment? Maybe you would just like to listen to a few talks on these subjects without feeling pressured to change your viewpoint?

We invite you to a series of talks which seek to deal robustly with some of these issues. During these evenings, there will be a short talk with an opportunity for guests to take part in a friendly discussion, followed by a visit to the pub!

Refreshments will be provided to cater for people coming straight from work. We do hope you can come along and join in the debate.

Tuesday evenings from 8pm, until Tuesday 27th November at The Wheelhouse.

For more information, please contact our Church Office.