Home Groups

“A Church of home groups; not a Church with home groups”


In 1750, Henry Venn became the Curate of St Mary’s, and he instituted a programme where parishioners met in people’s homes in order to study the Bible, be known and cared for, and learn how to apply what they learnt to their daily lives. So successful was it that St Mary’s grew fivefold in that time and churches around the country copied Venn’s format.

We still think they’re just as powerful today. Not only are they a key forum for going much deeper in studying the Bible, they form a fundamental pastoral support mechanism for praying together, challenging, encouraging and building each other up and providing very practical support if a group member is struggling either physically or emotionally. Currently around 65 members of our church belong to a small group. We currently have 7 groups (a mix of evening and daytime groups) with membership ranging from a handful to 15 or more.

If you would like to join a home group, please contact our Church Office.

I always look forward to our home group. Spending time with trusted friends – learning, growing, sharing and having a lot of laughs together.

Sue Kitcatt